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My goal is to provide you with easy to use web site solutions, allowing you to be able to edit your own content, including gallery photos, events, classifieds, news releases, google maps, property listings and more. Each web site is customized to fit your needs.

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So what is it that you actually do?
Thursday, January 14, 2016

My 9 year old asked me this question once. Maybe it was because I try to limit their computer time during the week, and encourage them to go outside or play games or do something else, then wind up sitting at my own computer for half the evening working on client web sites, or performing other tasks. To her, it must seem unfair that she cannot play computer games all night, while I appear to just sit around.

Then recently her class was assigned a project. They needed to learn what one of their parents do for a job, then construct something that represents that job.

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